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How it all began...

.:: Public relations are becoming an everyday need of companies, institutions and individuals in the modern business world. In the era of Internet and mobile communication, it is evident that the diverse public has a great need for effective communication which helps in establishing relationships, gathering information and raising the profit.

  .:: The Apriori Communications agency was founded in June 2006 in Skopje, Macedonia as a company for communication management. The main activity of the agency is based on consulting, co-organization, co-operation and education in the field of communication and public relations. In accordance with our clients, we have broadened our activities to certain specialized areas such as event management, crisis communication and production.

  .:: Apriori Communications was founded by Konstantin Ikonomov and Danijel Koletic. The agency has five employees at the moment, with specialized knowledge which can offer full service to the clients in accordance to their needs and wishes.


  .:: The base of every success is knowledge and our work is about conveying to the public the specific knowledge from the public relations scope, in order to jointly achieve the common goals.

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